Friday, March 20, 2009

Hello to all

Today is my day one at this platform, hello to all.

1. Since childhood I am too much fond of listening and reading articles and interviews of people at position where they effect our society at large and in general, but hardly got chance to question or thank them.
2. I am also too much fond of movies, cricket, fashion and lifestyle.
3. I also keep close watch on day to day development on our political, economical and social development.
4. And the standard raised by following people + community have huge impact on my upbringing

(a) Th. Zalam Singh Saheb (my grand father)
(b) Alexander The Great
(c) Mahatma Gandhi
(d) Sachin Tendulkar
and last but not least
(e) Rajput community

Now you friends must be thinking what does the above point points at, the answer is by following their life, articles by them, articles on them and their views on "Human Life" i have come to the conclusion that we all are simply cheated since our indipendence, in last 62 years we could not get close to find the leader like Sikandar, we did not even try to creat the country M. Gandhi wanted and there is so much we could not on this platform i would be sharing views with my friends on what we feel about the frustated sorrounding and we would try to give the message to our local leaders.... may be i get time to share my month to month life as well.........

with love...............

Maan Singh The VIth


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Maan Singh The VIth